Joel - "Kick Out The Jams" Archive
Bottom line, life's too short to listen to crappy music! You've heard it so many times, friends who claim that they "listen to everything." 99% of the time, they're just to lazy to list the 4 or 5 bands they listen to. Well, I REALLY DO listen to EVERYTHING. Rock, rap, blues, jazz, funk, punk, classical, name it, I dig it...the good stuff... not the crap!

So, it is my quest, each week, to bring you the best music that I know of...and to bring it all at once. Mixing the various genres together... that's how it needs to be done! Hopefully, you'll find some new music from it...or at least enjoy the stuff that I play.

If you don't...well, perhaps your taste in music just sucks... :)

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